The Essential Tactical Gear for Any Kit

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Do some research on the essential tactical gear for your kit. We're guessing you're going to find yourself flooded with a lot of links, a lot of suggestions—none of them the same, and some of them perhaps even coming from some dubious sources. Big retail chain store knee pads? Budget bundles? Did you know that a blacked-out EDC item doesn't necessarily mean it's tactical?

Whether you're shopping to update your kit or a beginner looking to find the essential tactical gear, look no further. We'll have your six with some of the most reliable and best essentials you need.

Tactical Wallet Coming in at all shapes and sizes, but one thing is sure—few wallets understand how to maximize small spaces and slim profiles better than a tactical wallet. Merging both function and style, once you toss your old bulky wallet out and switch to a tactical one, you may wonder how you ever lived without them in the world.

Two of the best on the market right now, the Magpul Daka Essentials and Ferro Concepts, showcase extremely rugged materials with an ultra-slim profile with no excess bulk. Easy to carry and easy to access when you need it without bulking up pockets of your MOLLE compartments, it's an essential piece for your kit.

Tactical Pen

Why bother with a tactical pen? Because the world loves to throw things at you when you least expect it, and your typical everyday pen is not built to withstand the environment outside the office.

Do you ever try to write with a pen on a rainy or snowy day on a wet surface? It feels next to impossible with a regular pen, but it doesn't have to be that way with a Rite in the Rain Black Metal Clicker pen. What makes this tactical pen so worth it?

  • They are made from powder-coated brass, more rugged than plastic.
  • Pressurized cartridge allows the pen to perform in temperatures ranging from -30F to 250F, underwater up to 35 ft, and even work smoothly upside down.
  • Permanent ink writes through water, sweat, grease, and mud without clumping or smearing.

A tactical pen is a must-have, reliable writing instrument to withstand the sort of crazy weather and wild terrain you'll encounter outside, making it one of our recommended essentials for your kit.


Your tactical backpack is fantastic, no doubt, but despite its unique features, space is limited, and you need to keep the weight light for easy carrying and maneuverability. Carrying several different tools will take up precious space and add some serious weight. So ditch the ten heavy tools to bring one that does the same job for less weight.

A multi-tool is necessary if something breaks, comes loose, or needs maintenance. Take, for example, the Twist from MultiTasker. Pen-shaped, slim, and taking up hardly any room, the multi-tool comes with all components needed for maintaining gear, weapons, and optic/sight adjustments. Or, use a multi-tool to open up a beer, a package, or use as a wrench or snap-in hex bits—all without carrying an entire took kit.

Tactical Watch

A regular watch is fine on the way to running errands, but if you're in the middle of a mission, you're going to need something tougher and more reliable than anything before. A rugged tactical watch constructed to U.S. military standards that can withstand thermal, shock, water, night vision mode, stealth mode, dual-position GPS, and more become a well-worth-it investment. A tactical watch can come with a steep price, but its special reinforcements, design, improved battery life, and wayfinding abilities? It becomes an unbeatable resource in the field or the middle of the trail.

Tactical Jacket

Your plans, OPS, and missions may take you somewhere wet and cold, or the weather may be unpredictable. You need to keep yourself and your carry dry; you need a tremendous tactical jacket. You'll want to look for a jacket that has a highly durable shell that can be worn for wet, humid climates as well as keeping you warm. Next, it should be breathable and come with the addition of a stowable hood in case of windchill, and the material should be guaranteed tough, like nylon rip-stop. Additionally, most tactical jackets offer water-proof zippered pockets in larger quantities in strategic places for you to keep your gear and tools close at hand.

Important Tips for Buying your Essential Tactical Gear

Don't. Go. Cheap. No matter how tempted you may be by a lower price, consider that there may be a reason why something is drastically cheaper. You work for a living and work hard, you want your dollar to go far, and you want to buy quality and promote a solid business. We understand that. But think of it this way—if you needed a pacemaker, you'd want the very best you could afford. Your tactical gear is a potentially life-saving device, no matter what purpose they are used for.

  • Learn and know how the manufacturer designs and makes your gear.
  • Look for the manufacturers that continually research, develop and lead in innovation.
  • Look for the manufacturer that put money and thought into what they sell. Look for care and economy before you buy.

We believe these are the basic core essentials for tactical gear, with room to be customized depending on where your gear takes you. We hope we've assisted in your next upgrade or first purchase toward the best, life-saving equipment for your kit.


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