Grohl Fan Boying Over Rock Vets, Metallica

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The interwebs has had its mind bottled on this dude, Dave Grohl, going to a show.  Not just any show, F'n Metallica.  Riding the lightening all night long.  He did normal human things like sing & freak out in the crowd.  Goes to show you should always recognize who paved the way before you.  

Not too say, if i got to coexhisit with sir Grohliness in the snake pit I wouldn't lose my shit.  

The guy above has confirmed on twitter that rock stars are of a different species and actual enjoy their field of work, as a fan.

 It is also said to have been the show that the original bassist of Metallica, Cliff Burton, who passed away 31 years ago, father attended at 92 years young.  The show was held at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasedena, California. Two cool stories wrapped into one at this show.  Read more on Ray Burton rocking out, here.



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