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Most of us should be familiar with the company CamelBak.  Based out of California, CamelBak is one of the largest and most successful companies of hydration products in the world.  Many outdoor enthusiasts use tactical CamelBak products as their choice for water bottles and hydration packs.  Due to their success, this innovative brand has branched out of their more traditional products and into some more unconventional (at least for them) gear such as backpacks and LE gear, which come standard with MOLLE webbing and all of the other usual amenities that are considered a must on tactical gear today.

You can purchase CamelBak hydration packs in capacities from one and a half to three liters, depending on your needs and the length of your journey. With their ease of use, these Camelbak tactical packs serve as excellent water carriers for biking trips or tactical missions alike.  All in all, tactical CamelBak products are the key the success of this company thanks to their outstanding performance when you need hydration the most. With innovative designs that promise ease of access, many of their users would argue that owning CamelBak water carrier products is simply a must for any outdoor adventure.

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of Camelbak tactical packs for your hydration needs. Choose from a variety of colors to accommodate any fatigues with black, browns, and camo colors available. We have standard size 100 oz. units ideal for 1-2 day excursion, as well as lighter packs of 72 oz. for shorter trips. All of the packs are easy to use and feature thoughtful features throughout such as full clamshell opening for easy access, multiple drink tube exit ports, fully adjustable waist belts, and much more. In addition to the packs, we also offer a complete line of all the accompanying accessories you may need such as replacement tubes, replacement valves, reservoirs, and more. We also have the cleaning kits you need that include all the necessities for keeping your gear ready to use. No matter what you need to stay hydrated on the go, these products have you covered.

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