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When looking for apparel for the person that understands adventure happens in real time and is all-immersive, you need a brand that lives, sleeps, and breathes the outdoors as more than a pastime. Deeply ingrained in the outdoor lifestyle, Outdoor Research is adamant in their belief that life only gets better when you step out of the door into the great outdoors on a new adventure. Regardless of whether that adventure is bigger or smaller than the last, on each adventure we learn more about ourselves and about our environment. We see new parts of the world and always come back home stronger and wiser. The goal of Outdoor Research tactical and outerwear is to provide their customers with the necessary outdoor apparel that they will need for such adventures. Even though Ron Gregg, the founder of this well-respected brand tragically passed away in an avalanche over ten years ago, the principles upon which he set his company remain today. The group of people who use the gloves, shirts, and jackets of this line is only growing, and in due course, you can easily become one of them as well.

We are pleased to offer a diverse collection of Outdoor Research military and outdoor enthusiast gear. With options from a balaclava to boot gaiters, this brand can cover you in head to toe with comfortable and reliable apparel made with your needs in mind. Every option features attention to detail and materials designed for the outdoor elements. From waterproof and windproof materials to keep you dry to 100% microfleece lined interiors for warmth, the materials used in this collection of apparel offer much more than your typical apparel. Made with ample storage solutions for the great outdoors such as oversized pockets and zippered compartments, pants and jackets are designed to be multifunctional in addition to comfortable. Whether looking for lightweight shirts to stay dry, a sun hat to stay protected, or a jacket to keep you warm, this line has it all! Choose from camo and muted tones to work well with camping or tactical needs. When you need apparel designed to embrace the great outdoors, look no further than this reliable brand in tactical apparel.

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