Dynamis Alliance Combat Flathead Gen 2

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Dynamis Alliance

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€ 325.00
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Easily concealable, multipurpose, tool, designed for unlimited applications

Tier-1 Combat experience inspired the design and development of this critical tool. Made to go where blades can’t, the Dynamis Combat Flathead is one of the most utilitarian tools in existence. The applications for the CFH are limitless. Functions include prying, breaching doors/windows, punching holes, and weapons/optic maintenance to name a few. This is a must for everyday carry and it is now streamlined enough to clip inside the waistband comfortably. The CFH was created to significantly increase your effectiveness in any situation. It transitions seamlessly from every day concealed to a professional working environment while maintaining cover for action. The NEPT-X coating option is a unique and proprietary jet black coating that makes it extremely corrosive resistant and was built for use in salt water environments. We have spent years developing this coating with F-1 consulting and after rigorous testing we finally built a coating that holds up to our standards.

The baddest flathead ever made.


The Combat Flathead Trainer is an exact replica of its live CFH counter part. It features no sharp edges to allow for effective combative training. It is also anodized high-visibility red to maximize safety and ensure live gear doesn’t end up in the training environment.
Each trainer is meant to fit the same sheath that your live CFH fits in. This allows you to have the same carry position, sheath and feel with your trainer as you do your live CFH in order to maximize realistic combative training.

Tier-1 Designed

100% made in the USA

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